PERIBOARD-117 - Wired Standard Keyboard with Large Print Letters

  • Standard Layout - A full-size keyboard featuring basic keyboard functions, such as F-keys and the number pad, located on the right cluster of the keyboard.
  • Big Print Letters - The keys are printed with a large font that is three times larger than in other standard keyboards making this product perfect for users with poor or impaired vision.
  • Spaced Keys - Easy to see keys, with further spacing from one another to avoid hitting a wrong key allowing for users to make accurate and smooth inputs.
  • Easy Plug-and-Play - Fast and easy setup with 5'9 feet long USB cord, this keyboard provides a reliable wired connection with no additional drivers or installation required.
  • System requirements - Windows 7, 8, 10 and above
  • Dimensions - 17.32 x 5.08 x 1.06 inches;
  • Weight -1.09 lb,
  • Cable Length - 5.9 ft.

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