PERIBOARD-426 - Wired Mini Keyboard 70% Quiet Keys

  • Compact Size - Slim and lightweight keyboard that allows you to save some important desk space. Finish your tasks, surf the Internet even in environments with very limited space.
  • Easy Typing - This keyboard allows you to minimize the distance between the keyboard and the mouse. This minimizes the amount of movements required to operate the computer. So your muscles can relax more while you work, try this new ergonomic experience.
  • Low Profile Design - The keys are low profile with a short travel distance while responsive keystroke provides a more comfortable typing experience.
  • Multimedia Keys - Built-in hotkeys for easy multimedia control to improve your productivity with our simple and convenient multimedia keys.
  • Durable Quality - This keyboard is built with high-quality ABS material and membrane switches. The keyboard is an ideal solution for anyone who works in the office or from home.
  • USB Interface - This keyboard features USB Interface with the Plug-and-Play function. You do not need any additional drivers or software. Plugging in the device is all the set up you will need.
  • System Requirements - Windows 7, 8, 10 and later versions
  • Dimensions - 10.87 x 5.43 x 0.55 inches
  • Weight - 0.74 lb
  • Cable - 4.9 ft.

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