PERIDUO-303 - Wired White Compact Combo (90% Keyboard + Mouse)

  • Compact Keyboard - Compact piano white chiclet keyboard with an integrated numeric keypad (15.35 x 5.51 x 0.79 inches/ 39 x 14 x 2 cm). It comes with a 1,8m cable which is long enough to connect the keyboard with your computer, whether it is on or under your desk
  • For Leisurements and Work - Built-in 11 hotkeys, easy to control audio, video, internet, E-mail and more. For activating or deactivating Number Lock, please press FN and NumLk (For the keys which are printed in Blue, e.g. U, I, O)
  • Precise Mouse - Optical mouse with a resolution of 1000 DPI for a precise and reliable user experience. The 5.9 ft long cable has been added for a safe and stable connection. No more empty batteries and bad reception
  • Easy to Use - Ready to use from the box. There is no need to install any driver or software. You can use it with various applications like all-in-one PC, Notebook and your Desktop PC

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